Māori Education Grants 2017


Pūtea Tautoko Mātauranga Māori nā Tātai Aho Rau 2017
2017 CORE Education Māori Grants 

Pōkaitia te pae o Hinemoana,
tūhuratia ōna wai urutapu,
tere auaha, tere ngātahi, tere tuihono e.

“Ka tere koe ki hea?”

Traverse the blue expanse of Hinemoana, explore her unchartered waters through innovative, collaborative and connected navigation.

How far can you go?”

Unuhia te pō, te pō whiri mārama
Tomokia te ao, te ao whatu tāngata
Tātai ki runga, tātai ki raro, tātai aho rau
Haumi e, hui e, Tāiki e!

CORE Education Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation who are all about pushing the boundaries of educational possibility. We have a strong desire to transform education, and believe that new technologies are the most exciting way to engage 21st Century learners across all education and training sectors. Tātai Aho Rau is a concept that guides our professional practice at CORE and it encapsulates four key elements: Whakapapa, Reo, Tikanga and Wairua.

Tātai Aho Rau - Purpose

CORE Education offers grants that advance Māori from early years through to secondary, for individuals, whānau, and/or Māori communities. The purpose of the Māori education grants are to enhance Māori distinctiveness, illuminate creative potential, and support successful educational pathways.

Our theme this year, highlights Hinemoana, a goddess who embodies hidden possibilities.  We are constantly exploring new knowledge, skills and understanding. As you travel across unchartered waters you are presented with opportunities to navigate this territory through innovation, collaboration and connectedness.  We invite you to apply for grants to realise untapped potential.

Eligibility of Applicants:

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Applicants for these grants may be either:

  • Māori students who would like financial support to assist them to participate in an educational activity or innovation that enhances their educational success.
  • Organisations or committees who hold events that provide opportunities for Māori students to celebrate and showcase their cultural capabilities and distinctiveness.
  • Educators who work with Māori students in either Māori Medium or English Medium settings.
  • Groups/teachers/kura/ECE centres who wish to provide special initiatives that enhance e-learning opportunities for Māori students.
  • Māori educators/students who wish to attend an event, course or conference that enhances or extends their:
    • pedagogical understanding of 21st Century learning
    • blended e-Learning practice and pedagogy
    • digital capability and knowledge.

Successful Recipients:

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Recipients of CORE Education Māori Grants will acknowledge some or all aspects of Tātai Aho Rau:


  • Demonstrate a commitment to the education of Māori students in Early Childhood, Primary or Secondary education;
  • show a commitment to learning, their school and community;
  • commit to sharing their new learning with colleagues/peers/the community.


  • Be working in a school/centre/organisation that promotes and actively encourages the use of Te Reo me ōna tikanga Māori;
  • are a bilingual/immersion setting committed to the revitalisation and/or inter-generational transmission of Te Reo Māori.


  • Be actively engaged in and seek opportunities to gain new learning that will support Māori students to access and contribute to te ao Māori and te ao whānui.


  • Seeking opportunities to be involved in new innovations and sharing of ideas that enhance, add value to te ao Māori.

Successful applicants will:

  • Complete updates once per school term.
  • Submit either a blog and/or vlog showcasing how the grant has contributed to the given kaupapa.
  • Be given an opportunity to present your research findings at an applicable CORE event.

Process for Application:

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Please complete and return the application form provided. Additional supporting documents/audio/video/email are encouraged.

Click here to download a word version of the application form
Click here to complete the application form online.

Please forward all applications and supporting documents to:

Important dates

2 June 2017

Applications close

9 June 2017

Successful applicants notified individually

12 June 2017

Successful applicants formally announced online

Contact details for Applications:

Māori Grants Committee
C/- Hariata Tutua-Nathan
CORE Education Christchurch
PO Box 13-678

For further information please email: hariata.tutua-nathan@core-ed.org or 021 919 365 (on behalf of the Māori Grants Committee)