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Bringing your child to the parent-teacher interview

The changes in teaching and schools can take some adjusting for parents as it is a different from what they experienced at school. Ānaru White discusses with Rochelle Savage her experience of taking her children to the parent teacher interviews last year after the school had invited everyone to do so.

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Getting started with iPads

Where do you start with iPads in your school or kura? How might you use them to assist students with literacy or numeracy?

Ānaru and Anne discuss this with examples they have seen or experienced.

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Place based education

"And he was able to infuse that into his writing and it really lifted the writing he was able to do."

Katrina and Ānaru discuss Place-Based Education and Katrina shares her experience with specific students she has taught.

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What Is Student Agency?

"I guess when I was first introduced to this it was to do with choice, student choice, but it is so much more than this."

Anne and Ānaru discuss what student agency is and share stories of how it can assist students and teachers.

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