Ten Trends — 2015

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Learner agency

A key trend that has characterised the move away from industrial-era schools is the move from teachers completely owning the learning process to learners owning more of it. When learners have ‘the power to act’ in their learning, they have what is known as ‘agency’. arrow_forward

Maker culture

The Maker movement has grown out of a desire to use technology for active creation rather than passive consumption. Advances in the areas of 3D printing, programming, electronics and robotics mean that it is possible for learners of all ages to be creators and solvers of problems using technology. arrow_forward

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Learning analytics

Learning analytics is the collection, analysis and reporting of large datasets relating to learners and their contexts. As more and more learning activities take place digitally, and as more and more data is gathered about learner progress, we have the opportunity to be more evidence-based in how we support learners. arrow_forward

Digital convergence

The concept of digital convergence refers to the merging of previously discrete and separately used technologies, as well as the almost ‘invisible’ integration and use of technologies as a part of our everyday life. arrow_forward

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Networked organisations

Across the globe we are seeing the rise of new models of what it means to be a modern, networked organisation - and at its heart is a shift from hierarchical structures to networks. arrow_forward

Learner orientation

A learner-oriented system places the learner at the centre of all decision making. It provides support for learners that is respectful of and responsive to individual learner preferences, needs, and values. arrow_forward

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Global connectedness

A global community has the potential to lift millions of people out of poverty. A globalised world can enable advances in human development: in education, health, and the environment. arrow_forward

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