Whakataukī Card Set

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Whakataukī are aphorisms that exist for the most part as a result of the oral traditions of Māori. These whakataukī are words of encouragement and caution.

Product details:

  • 39x business sized cards packaged in a clear case
  • Double sided full colour - Māori whakataukī front, English translation back
  • Cover card with QR access code to our online support website
  • Online support includes PDF access to the whakataukī, translations, examples of use and authors.

Ki te hiahia whakapā mai, tuku īmēra ki arareomaori@core-ed.org. Tuhia te 'Resources' ki te rārangi kaupapa o te īmēra.

Contact us at arareomaori@core-ed.org. Please include the reference 'Resources' in the subject line.

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Depth: 6.20000 cm

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